Monday, September 23, 2013

If Not In Name, Then In Deed

I've been teaching sign language for over a decade, but recently decided last month to stop for now. Actually, my thoughts were to give it up all together and retire. I have things in my life happening that just made my doing more than, say, existing, stressful. So, I packed up all my folders and paraphernalia into the back storage room and changed some information on my website and thought that was all I needed to do. 

Some don't know, but at the end, there wasn't a lot of interest in my classes (at that time) and tutoring students were scarce if not non-existent. Of course, the minute I announced my hiatus, I received emails specifically asking about my classes. Figures. Isn't that always the way?

What I found though is, even though I'm not having formal classes or meeting students around the city for tutoring, teaching is still taking place. Every day that I leave my house there is a at least one person who asks me a question about a sign, a class, a greeting, or whatever. Teaching didn't stop for me and I'm secretly happy about that (well, not so secretly now, huh?). Oh, sure there's times when I feel like dressing up like a ninja so no one will approach me. So far I've been lucky and no other ninja has challenged me. But even running to the gas station for my daily dose of sweet tea warrants conversation however brief (thank you, Speedway). Almost everyone there signs THANK YOU to me when I'm there and it's a great feeling. I feel welcomed. And, if anyone requested ASL tutoring at my home I'd welcome them in a second. But for now I'm on a hiatus/potential retirement. 

Doesn't matter that I say that though. If I sign in public, people watch and I know I'm teaching some of them--even if minutely.Teaching ruled! Most of the time.....more about that at another time. 


  1. One of the primary roles that any mother has is to teach her children, so you will be teaching for several more years in that capacity, whether they want it or not, whether they learn or not. You are a great teacher and retirement may not happen for a while yet. We all deserve hiatuses at times. I took a two year (or better) hiatus from interpreting as much as I loved it. Now I'm back and loving it once again. Perhaps your teaching will be that way, too. Miss you!!!!

    1. Thanks for your input. I love teaching so much that it's hard to believe I'll give the extracurricular teaching up completely. Maybe like you said...maybe just a short (or long) break.