Saturday, June 20, 2009

Size Matters

I was really excited last Monday when I was contacted by DODHH about becoming a QA Rater for the state of Michigan. It seemed it might be a great opportunity to assure that qualified interpreters were properly certified as were unqualified attempters.

The interview was going to be by Video Phone on Wednesday morning at 11:30. I got up early and drove my kids to camp so I could come home and relax a little before the interview. I tend to become very nervous, so I needed time to take a pill and vegetate.

I was all set and ready at the appropriate time. No worries...feeling pretty confident. That is, until the phone rang and I answered it. What I wasn't ready for was that it was a panel of judges/interviewers. That in itself is not a big deal, but the fact that my VP is set up on a portable television didn't help. I couldn't see these people no matter how hard I squinted. I must have looked completely inept and incapable. All I could do was ask them to repeat, again and again, until I could see it clear enough to answer all their questions.

The problem is, if they're looking for fluency and the interviewee needs repetitious questioning, it doesn't look too good for the interviewee, now, does it? LOL

Needless to say, I wasn't picked for being a QA Rater. Probably for the best. But, man, do I need a bigger VP for next time!!!! Oy vey!

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  1. That's good that you were trying to give back to the deaf community though. The word on the street is that you should not take the new QA test for at least a year, because the raters are going to be over zealous. This whole thing ultimately benefits everyone - the deaf community, the interpreting community (with higher standards), and the hearing community by ensuring qualified interpreters - BUT the way they are going about it is so silly.

    When the deaf community is screaming for interpreters it makes no sense to make it impossible for them to work. I have been waiting for eight months now to take the QA, and I finally decided I just have to move. I am not confident this will be up and running any time soon.