Sunday, September 6, 2009


On August 22, 2009, Deaf Expressions had it's very first Religious Sign Language workshop. We were very happy with how many people showed up (20) and hope to repeat the workshop in the future.

The workshop started off with Michele talking about Deaf Culture and building a Deaf Ministry in your church. Lots of information about the do's and dont's of signing in church. 

After that, we moved onto four pages of vocabulary. We learned signs from ASCENT to WORSHIP and tried to make sure all students, from seasoned professionals to beginning students, stayed informed and entertained. 

Once we were done with that, we learned to sign hymns in SIgn Language. From "Jesus Loves Me" to "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" to "Holy, Holy, Holy," we learned about six hymns and it was a lot of fun. The interpreter students who wanted to, broke off into a group and practiced signing them together to perform for the group. It was a lot of fun.

So thanks to all who attended! I hope you had as much fun as Kenny and I had teaching it. Although I think Kenny could have gone without singing for the group. (smile).


  1. I attended this workshop and found it to be very informative and fun. I really enjoyed it. I look forward to future workshops with Deaf Expressions.

    Tammy McKenna

  2. Hi,

    This is something that I would be interested in attending. Where was the religious sign language workshop held?


  3. Hi Londi

    The workshop was held at the Home School Building in Wyoming, MI. But we hold them in different places. You might consider getting on our mailing list.

  4. Do you have these workshops in Texas?

  5. Hi Linguist, I'm sorry, but Deaf Expressions is just a local business in Grand Rapids, MI. We don't travel.