Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We all know that there is a common misperception among hearing people that, the more you enunciate, the easier it is to lipread. Now, i'm one of the many who can't lipread no matter what. Even if I'm trying to lipread myself in the mirror--and I KNOW what I'm saying--I still couldn't do it. :v)

This morning I went into the gas station to get myself a soda and I wasn't sure of the cost because the signs were contradictory. So, because I didn't have $2 to just give them and wait for change, I had to ask. I wrote neatly on a piece of paper, how much do I owe you. 

Answer: mumble mumble

I wrote "I'm deaf and I don't lipread, please write or show me the screen."

And that's when it happened. Something I will have nightmares about for years and years to come. She opened her overly moist mouth and very largely and deliberately started moving her lips. I had no idea a human mouth could open so wide. If she were to kiss me, I would have lost my face. I counted three cavities. I'm talking Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapy here, guys. It was downright scary.

So, for those of you who are reading this and are hearing, do NOT overenunciate. We don't want to see your dental work. I'm sure it's very nice though.


  1. hi, I am hearing, but have many deaf friends and this made me laugh SO hard!!
    Thanks for the best laugh of the day. I am SURE I've probably done this in the past. OMG I am laughing at this blog and at myself so hard right now!

  2. Very nice post, hahahh! Love the pic at the end. I don't know why, but I also over enunciate when I meet a deaf person. Obviously you have more practice with normal lip movements than exaggerated ones, so normal would be easier to understand.

  3. Hilarious.. but sadly true. Or I find that they talk to me like i'm "stupid" or "slow". I'm sorry.. but I'm not mentally deficint.. YOU ARE. Sheesh! Get a clue people! Deaf is not being able to HEAR.. we can THINK just fine!

  4. This photo is very funny
    I love your blog
    very original